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2 Years
709 400 €

High Opportunity for Mediterranean Executive Recruitment, HOMERe, is an intra-Mediterranean Internship Mobility scheme oering companies in search of new business perspectives a unique opportunity for sourcing young talents from the Euro-mediterranean region to become their interns. It promotes internship mobility between Mediterranean countries, and is predominantly aimed at high-profile students in their last year of study before graduation. The objective is to ease their transition from the academic environment to qualified entry-level roles in their own country – in a region where youth unemployment often increases with the level of education.

The project aims to tackle youth unemployment and underemployment and help those taking part in the project to secure a graduate position that is relevant to their qualifications and is in their own country.

HOMERe is promoted within the framework of the "Mediterranean Initiative for Jobs (Med4Jobs)". Med4Jobs is a cross-sector initiative driven by the need for an integrated regional initiative in the area of job creation. The initiative was developed by the UfM Secretariat to help increase the employability of youth and women, close the gap between labour supply and demand and foster a culture of entrepreneurship and private sector development.

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HOMERe Leaflet

Project Snapshot

Complete Presentation (French)

Summary Information

Presentation of the project during the third Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) Regional Forumon held 8 October 2018.


  1. To support youth employment - specifically of young graduates - through an international internship programme focused on the Mediterranean region.
  2. To equip students with transversal skills relevant to the labour market and facilitate education-to-work transition in the formal economy.
  3. To create mobility opportunities for youth thus contributing to foster intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding across the Mediterranean.
  4. To help employers, in particular Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) employers, identify relevant student profiles from the region.


  • Collate internship offers that meet the following quality criteria: well-structured assignments, Mediterranean profiles of candidates, continuous supervision, provision of a nominal monthly allowance.
  • Pre-select appropriate students in the Mediterranean region.
  • Provide six-month practical training in Mediterranean companies.
  • Assessment through an oral examination of the intern in his or her country of origin/study.